Unique Items

Wire Cubbies

Our standard Wire Cubbies are made from 1×1 14 gauge wire and are reinforced with 1/4″ steel where the trap is inserted into the cubby. All cubbies are 18″ long. They contain extra wire panels in the rear and back side of the cubby reducing the opening to 1×1/2″ to prevent reaching in for the bait by the target animal. The front bottom opening of the cubby does not contain wire in front of the trap so the target animal feels the natural environment under their feet instead of the wire. The trap is recessed 5 inches forcing the animal to commit to the set-up when going for the bait.

Since the cubby is open, as opposed to enclosed sets such as the bucket set or the wood cubby, the target animal can see the bait, can smell the bait or lure, and is quickly attracted to our wire cubby. This design immediately increased our catch by 30% over other traditional methods.

Although our standard cubby has a 5″ recess, we have cubbies with deeper recesses to meet the qualifications of other states. Our cubbies will fold flat when not in use for easier storage! (See picture below)

Our main target species is raccoon and we also catch many opossums, skunks, river otter, and mink. Our Minnesota trappers have had great success using our cubby to target fisher. We are looking forward to hearing your success stories with our cubby!

Baits & Lures

We offer a variety of baits and lures for your trapline.  We feature our own VWC Baits & Lures.  We also have quality urines, fish oils, and other oils used in lure making.

Dispatch Systems

Save time and money using our Dispatch Systems! Saves time in the fur shed by having less blood to clean up! Saves $ by using fewer shells in your gun!

Cookie Cutter Trap Bedder

Our Cookie Cutter Trap Bedder helps bed your traps quickly and easily. Designed for a variety of different traps.

Specials & Closeouts