Weiland’s Big Deuce – Fox Lure


A long distance call lure that is extremely effective on red and grey fox.



Weiland’s Big Deuce – Fox lure is a long distance call lure.  It is a thick liquid that can be used either down in the hole at dirt hole sets, or on a nearby weed or object.  This attractant is based on a canine scent recipe used by an old time government trapper many years ago.  Extremely effective on both red and grey fox in all areas of the US, and is good in both Fall and Winter.  It outshines other lures when temperatures drop down below zero. It’s freeze-proof and gives out odor in cold or wet weather when other lures give out.

Use about a half capful at each set, a full capful when the weather starts dipping below zero.

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1 oz, 3 – 1 oz. bottles, 4 oz