Kaatz Bros Red King – 1 oz


A unique combination of loud, aged red fox glands and special passion ingredients make this lure priceless!  Use on fox, coyote, raccoon and bobcat.

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A heavy, loud, aged red fox gland lure with additional, little-known enhancing odors that blast this one to another level.  Dynamite on the fox trapline, and performs equally well on coyotes, coon, and bobcats.  On the mixed predator trapline, use a lima bean sized glob smeared liberally at your set backing.  Coyotes work Red King hard early season because it’s different and appeals to the curiosity.  Later in the season, as breeding approaches, coyotes react even stronger to any gland lure, including Red King.  Because of this versatility, Red King is a great choice from start to finish on the coyote trapline.

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