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Darin Freeborough's "Animalistics:  Frozen Steel -- Field Trapping Coyotes and Fox in the Snow" DVD is another clear, entertaining and informative production by Darin showing many catches and lots of information on being a successful canine trapper.

Frustrated by the mid-winter months of snow and cold?  You don't have to be.  This DVD teaches you how to maximize your success in the small farmlands of northwestern Pennsylvania using tactics that work wherever snow falls.  This DVD is a great companion to Darin's "Trapping Backwoods Coyotes in the Snow" DVD.

Winter canines are either traveling their home ranges or looking for a home range.  They move along drainages, hedgerows, any place where there's an edge, so you need to look for places where these terrain features instersect.  In this 2 hour DVD Darin shows you what sets work, and how to keep them working during frigid conditions.  Darin shows several sets that are knockouts for both fox and coyotes.  Not only will you learn what sets work, but how to keep them working during frigid conditions.

The behaviors of the winter canine, either traveling their home range or looking for a home range, can be used to your advantage.  Darin covers exactly where you should place a set and how to keep heavy snows from putting you out of business.  Darin also addresses the frustrations of many trappers......that just missed canine....so you can seal the deal.

Frozen Steel -- Field Trapping Coyotes and Fox in the Snow" DVD zones in on:

  • What to do with sets in the open
  • How to pick a location for open areas
  • How to deal with temperature changes -- what to do when the sun comes out
  • Gang setting
  • Soil, peat moss, buckwheat hulls and waxed dirt sets
  • Anchoring and drags
  • Using lures and baits



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